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Brahma Hatching Eggs

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Thank you for taking a look at our 12+ variety color large Brahma eggs from Kings Landing! Below I have a link to my EBAY shop. You can either purchase from there or contact me via email for other arrangements. I really appreciate your support of our small farm business. This listing is for fertile hatching eggs from our free-range farm Brahma chickens. Our farm has several different color Brahma rooster and hens which include lavender, partridge, blue, black, Light, dark, buff and mixes of those. You never know what color will pop out of the egg!

GET TO KNOW THE BRAHMA CHICKEN- Brahma are beautifully striking, very large and docile with heavily feathered legs and a pea comb. Brahma aren't the broodiest of chicken, however if they do, they are good mothers. Standard colors are Buff, Dark and Light. Brahma are brown egg layers and are good cool climate birds. Care should be taken in hot temperatures, so they don't overheat due to the extra feather covering. Shade is needed. Their size can be intimidating; however, they are gentile giants. They are a dual-purpose breed, good for both meat and egg production. Lifespan is 5-8 years and weight can range between 13-18 lbs depending on hen or rooster. Hens produce roughly 3-4 eggs per week. Due to their size, take into consideration housing and length of time for them to mature to egg laying age (roughly 6-7 months). Great free-range bird.

** PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE RISK AND REWARD OF HATCHING EGGS AND SHIPPING? THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES ON HATCH RATE! I've been buying hatching eggs on Ebay for year of all variety bird. Some hatch rates have been amazing and some I haven't gotten a single chick or just one or two. Shipping eggs are a wonderful way to get "fancy birds" or "unique colors" without a huge cost or driving a long distance, but? IT'S A RISK! **

These are unwashed hatching eggs, not live birds. In your package I also include incubation instructions. These are instructions I follow and have been successful for me for years. You can choose to follow those or try your own method; however, I can NOT be held responsible for your hatch rate, only the condition eggs were shipped in. I can however say, the eggs are fresh and fertile upon shipping! I witness daily breedings and also have a "bullseye" in all the eggs we eat. I also hatch my own chicks yearly with very successful hatch rates. You can't guarantee a fertile egg without cracking it open... But that defeats the purpose! Lol! Shipping eggs generally have a lower hatch rate than non-shipped. That is to be expected and can be more or less extreme depending on how the eggs were handled during shipping. Extreme temperatures, rough handling, delays in transit and delivery, and X-ray machines can all affect the hatchability of eggs. Please don't ship to a PO Box and make sure your address is correct prior to placing your order. I can NOT be held responsible if your package is undeliverable. Purchasing shipped hatching eggs is a risk that has to be assumed by the purchaser. I have no control over handling after my eggs are past to the post office. Eggs are shipped via USPS priority shipping Monday-Wednesdays. All eggs are collected daily, inspected, individually carefully bubble wrapped, tightly packaged to reduce shaking and bumps from travel and the outside of the box will clearly be labeled as fragile hatching eggs. If you receive your package and it looks damaged, please take pictures (of the box before opening and inside content). I can help you with a USPS claim for damage if the eggs are broken. A claim can only be submitted and approved if they have pictures and proof. You can also request I add a phone number to the box (please add to note at purchase) for your local post office to call you for pick up instead of home delivery. I prefer this method myself to cut down on some of the handling.

** Be prepared with supplies and incubator already running prior to delivery. Monitor your temperature to make sure it stays consistent. Its best to use multiple temp/humidity gauges, not just the one on the incubator. When you receive your eggs, carefully unpackage as they are individually layered in fluff. Don't miss any eggs! I like to add extras when available. They are unwashed eggs due to the shell's natural beneficial barrier. You don't want to wash that off. I brush debris off prior to shipping but eggs may have staining. Its normal and of no concern. Allow your eggs to settle, point down, for at least 12 hours prior to placing in your incubator. **

If you decide to buy, you AGREE to:

> Accept the risk of few or no chicks hatching.

> I  can't guarantee color of your hatched brahma chicks. I have multiple-colored birds, so it's a surprise!

> Giving feedback based on egg packaging and communication, not hatch rate.

> I  don't except returns.

> Message me right away with question or concerns. I will do what I can to help resolve any issues, within reason.

I want everyone to have a pleasant experience purchasing from me and hatching their own eggs! It can be a very fun, exciting and rewarding experience. I would love to see pictures of your chicks!!

Good Luck and Happy Hatching!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023