Kings Landing


We are a small apiary located in Quincy,
MI. What started as an interest in the ecological impact of bees and
their environment, turned into becoming a Beekeeper myself. We love to
talk bees! If you would like more information on honey we have
available, becoming a beekeeper or if you have bees that need to be
removed, feel free to contact us.

If you think you've spotted a swarm of bees the best way to contact us is via

text message 517.403.8472

Send the location and a picture.



The picture below is a good example of a swarm! Can you find the bees?

With a swarm there will be a LOT of bees all grouped together in a ball. Before they ball up, there may be very loud buzzing and a haze of bees flying in a group. They are looking for a new home and non-aggressive while on their search. Still be cautious and call someone before they try and make a home in your barn or other inappropriate location.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023